Silver View Chiropractic Center opened its doors at our current address in Mounds View in January, 2008.

However, today’s combined practices of Dr. Carol LaScotte and Dr. Greg Belting originated separately in the mid 1980’s.

This is a short summary of how it all came about.


In 1987, Dr. Carol LaScotte opened Rice Creek Chiropractic in the Rice Creek Shopping Center located on Silver Lake Rd between Rice Creek Rd and Mississippi St., adjacent to the present day Cub Foods (back when it was still Jerry’s New Market) and in the same strip mall that the original Spectacle Shoppe was located in. She treated and helped patients at this location through 1994, when the strip mall center was charted to be demolished and made way for the Brightondale Assisted Living apartments that are located on that site today.

In 1988, Dr. Greg Belting opened Silver View Chiropractic Center in the Silver View Plaza on County Hwy 10 and County Rd I, adjacent to Super America, located a half mile to the west of our present day location.

In 1994, Dr. Carol LaScotte moved her practice to Silver View Chiropractic Center at the strip mall location.
Dr. Greg Belting and Dr. Carol LaScotte felt that with the rising trend of their current patient growth expanding and with the additional services now being offered through chiropractic care, such as special therapies and licensed clinical massage, that securing a larger location for their practice was inevitable.

In 2006, Dr. Greg Belting designed and built our current facility located next to the Mounds View Community Center. This ultra modern facility allows both practices of chiropractic care to yet further expand while still operating and specializing independently. Dr. Greg Belting is very strong in Sports related injuries while Dr. Carol LaScotte has focused her care not only on all aspects of healing health but a strong sense for Women’s Health Care.